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We are a certified applicator of Edge and Mbrace Carbon Fiber Wrap strengthening systems. Mbrace systems are used for earthquake repair and seismic retrofitting, to upgrade load bearing capacities of concrete and masonry structures, to restore capacity of concrete structures lost due to deterioration, and to correct design/construction errors. ICC Approval (ICBO).

Advantages of this system include:
• Takes up much less space compared to steel.
• High strength, high stiffness.
• Lightweight and thin.
• Highly durable, non-corrosive.
• Low installation time, and low impact.
• Able to be installed in areas with limited access.
• Easy to conceal.
• Forms around complex surface shape.
• Cost savings over steel and shotcrete methods.

Carbon Fiber reinforced polymer composites have been used for nearly 30 years in aerospace and manufacturing applications where low weight, high tensile strength, and non-corrosive structural properties are required. Mbrace is applied over the substrate with a primer, an epoxy putty filler, a 1st coat of resin, a fiber reinforcement, a 2nd resin coating and a final protective coating. The number, orientation and types of layers of reinforcement are as designed by our suppliers' structural engineer.

LEEWENS CORPORATION prides itself on our surface preparation. Come see what we do! Contact Us for more information.



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