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Epoxy Injection

Structural repairs to concrete cracking are made by epoxy injection.

epoxy injection
Structural cracking of concrete is caused by many factors including earthquake, foundation settling, vibration, impact damage or heavy loads. By injecting a high-strength epoxy grout under pressure into the crack, a full depth permanent repair is achieved.

Sloped For Drainage

drainage sloping
Re-sloping, resurfacing, spall repair, and joint edge deterioration can be repaired by Leewens Corporation, using a variety of products which includes, polymerized concrete, epoxies, polyester, vinylester, and methacrylate.

Concrete Overlay With Epoxy

concrete overlay

Repair methods include overlays on worn or eroded concrete to leave a smooth, durable, high-strength finish that will provide many years of dependable service. Joint and spall repair require the removal of old, deteriorated concrete to provide a clean sound base for repairs.


Leewens Corporation has the solution to your water intrusion problems. Using urethane pressure grout injection methods, Leewens Corporation can stop water from penetrating your structure. The urethane grout expands upon contact with water making a flexible closed cell foam that stops water permanently. See our vapor barrier for ways to stop other types of moisture intrusion.

Leewens Corporation prides itself on our surface preparation. Come see what we do! For all your concrete repair needs, contact Leewens Corporation.



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