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The History of Leewens Corporation

In 1976, Louis A. Leewens left his job as sales manager for an international manufacturer of coatings and plastic liners and moved from California to Seattle, WA with his wife, Sheila and family. Louis and Sheila started their own company, the Leewens Company, and Louis worked as a manufacturer's representative selling coatings and liners to businesses, such as Boeing, Tektronics, Crown Cork and Seal and Weyerhauser. But, they quickly noticed there were very few companies who knew how to properly apply or install these coatings and liners. In 1977, Louis started doing this himself, using the family station wagon.

Employees were first hired in 1977, with the first full time permanent employees in 1979.

Patrick Leewens first began as an Apprentice Assistant in 1978. Soon Patrick was running all Leewens jobs, usually one job at a time. In 1987, after college and between installations, Patrick began his successful career in sales by picking up the phone and calling, then visiting potential customers. While Louis maintained his office in the downstairs of his family home on Bainbridge Island, Patrick worked through his home office in Bellevue.

The company quadrupled in size in several years and was incorporated in 1991.

In April, 1994, the Leewens Corporation sadly underwent another change with the death of Louis, due to heart failure. Louis' family and employees of the Leewens Corporation moved forward. Sheila took over as President and Patrick as Vice President and General Operating Manager.

Lisa, the youngest daughter, began working part-time in the office while attending Seattle University and after graduating in 1995, joined the Company full-time. Throughout the years, other family members and many others have enjoyed the family business.

1996 marked the opening of the Kirkland Office, and Leewens Corporation celebrated 20 Years in Business!

Today, Leewens has expanded, with a branch office in Oregon. Our services include the installation of ESD floors, cementitious floor levelers and toppings, specialty coatings and surfacers, on floors, storage and process tanks, where needed for chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and containment, and to provide a dust free, attractive, abrasion resistant finish. We prepare surfaces by open blasting or wet sandblasting and blast or etch by dust-free steel shot blasting. We do epoxy and urethane injections and fiberglass fabrication. We also install plastic liners in chemical storage and processing areas such as tanks, lagoons, ponds and landfills; over dirt, gravel, concrete, asphalt, or steel surfaces for primary or secondary containment, chemical resistance, and for plastic tanks and fabrication. We repair and reinforce concrete by grouting, stiffening and strengthening with carbon fiber wrap.

In 2009 we moved into our brand new building with more than double the warehouse space. We now have many employees who have worked for us and in the industry for more than ten years, and have celebrated over 30 years in business.

LEEWENS CORPORATION prides itself on our surface preparation. Come see what we do!
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